Bibio – À Tout à L’heure

This video features slightly confusing images within images against other images. Gettit? No? Have a watch, it’s pretty trippy!

This song has all the makings of frivolous dancing across lush grassy hills through a vintage camera lens, and it seems fitting that Bibio (aka English producer Stephen Wilkinson) actually recorded this in his garden. Apparently he utilises everyday items as instruments and you can kind of hear the rawness of it but in an endearing and cozy way.

Other than that, it’s simply a ridiculously catchy song. The “à tout à l’heure” part has been stuck in my head for days on end. I’ve never heard of him before, and this song has inspired me to check out his backlog of albums, of which there are many.

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Hometown: West Midlands, UK
Recent Album: Silver Wilkinson, out 14 May 2013
Sounds Like: A more folksy Caribou
Say What? He says, “Electronic music doesn’t have to be so grid like, it can be elasticated, more human.” We say, “Hear hear!”.

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