Crystal Fighters – LA Calling

Introducing the latest single from Crystal Fighters‘ sophomore album set to be released in a week. This is quite a fun little song with cute guitar riffs and layered vocals in classic Crystal Fighters style. The album as a whole sounds more whimsical and more folk inspired in comparison to their debut album Star of Love which crossed much more into the electronic genres.

The British/Spanish folk synth group are celebrating their new album with a tour around the world (unfortunately no Australian dates), plus they’re throwing their album launch party in true literal fashion: a rave in a cave! This will be located “…in a cave somewhere in the Basque Country” according to their website. If you happen to be in Spain during this period, get amongst that!


Hometown: Navarra, Spain
Upcoming Album: Cave Rave, out May 27 2013
Sounds Like: GrouploveVampire Weekend – particularly the vocals and the African sounding drum beat
Say What? They collaborated with dubstep producer Feed Me relatively recently to create the track “Love Is All I Got”. At first thought, dubstep and Crystal Fighters wouldn’t seem to be a match but this song convinced me otherwise


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