Future Classic x Novel present Cashmere Cat

Guess who went to see Cashmere Cat at Melbourne’s Liberty Social last week? Your trusty reviewers, that’s who! If you didn’t get to catch him on his Australian tour, we got your back.

Cashmere Cat (or Magnus August Høiberg) is, of course, the young producer/DJ out of Oslo in Norway. That’s two artists out of Norway in a row now, the Norwegians have obviously been busy producing amazing dance acts lately. He released his debut EP titled Mirror Maru late last year which is full of that revival 90s R&B sound going around recently, and heavy bass intermingling with glitch-tastic vibes.

There were a couple DJs opening for him on the night, including one just before him that really won over the crowd playing awesome trap beats. Sorry I can’t find his name or any info on him! But when Cashmere Cat came on, the crowd was definitely ready to let loose, and he dropped that thumping delicious R&B inspired song “Kiss Kiss” nearly immediately into his set. Mind-blowingly amazing, especially after waiting quite awhile for him to get on stage. He played for roughly around an hour and a half, and highlights included his other big song “Mirror Maru” and his remix of Miguel’s “Do You…”, as well as a couple tracks from Kendrick Lamar.

All in all, a smooth and sweet performance. My ringing ears from the bass and ill friend prove evidence of a good night.


Hometown: Oslo, Norway.
Latest EP:
Mirror Maru Remix EP.
Sounds Like: Flume, Disclosure but with a playful cashmere textured twist. He somehow makes his music feel like cashmere, weird? Speaking of Diclosure, their new album comes out at the end of this week. Watch this space for a review!
Say What? It’s speculated that he also performs under the moniker of Trippy Turtle. He sure loves his animal alliteration.


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