Disclosure – Settle

After missing out on seeing Disclosure – twice! – we have been eagerly anticipating the release of this album. We’re also feeling very lucky to be living Down Under, as we get slightly earlier access to this – it’s released in most other countries on June 3rd. That has to be a first, but hey, we’re not complaining.

Disclosure is made up of two brothers out of the UK, and the album cover is a cute reference to this, with a picture of two blond boys. Perhaps from the brothers’ own childhood collection? The Disclosure brothers have not been stingy when it comes to this album either; it’s a decent-sized 14 tracks. Settle has been beautifully constructed, with each track rolling nicely into the next. All you really need to do is hit play, and the album takes you on a dreamy, dance-beat-heavy aural escape.

The album opens with a resounding voice preaching that “change is inevitable”, and starts off with some dance-y tunes and an old favourite (Latch). If you’re after some strong rhythms and driving bass, that’s also covered with Stimulation living up to its name, and Grab Her sampling the late J Dilla (one of the hip hop industry’s most influential artists). Both these tracks can be a little repetitive though, but hey, it’s really that bass that keeps it going. There are also lots of pop-licious dance tracks with upbeat vocals, like Voices and Confess to Me. All good things must come to an end, and with the help of London GrammarSettle ends with Help Me Lose My Mind, a beautifully smooth way to wrap up the record.

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Hometown: London, England.
Sounds Like: SBTRKT, AlunaGeorge.
Say What? During their late nights in the studio, the brothers ate a lot of macaroni and cheese with Marmite. Perhaps we should introduce them to the wonders of Vegemite?


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