Oasis takes Triple J’s Hottest 100

Triple J has just finished a weekend of counting down the hottest 100 songs from the last 20 years as voted by you! Wonderwall by Oasis has taken out #1, a well-deserved win. Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah was the favourite to win but it came in at #36. Have a look at the full list, along with details on each song and a year-by-year summary of each Hottest 100 since 1993 here.

The countdown has led me to falling in love with The Killers again. Excuse me while I create a dance floor in my room in ode to Mr Brightside. 


Number of votes: 940,000 votes with a huge 200,000 of those coming in on the last day.

Highlight of the weekend: Tom and Alex building up suspense for #4 with suspiciously Thrift Shop sounding descriptions, then hearing the first “what what, what, what” beats before Tom retracts it and apologises for pressing the wrong button. Cue Hilltop Hood’s The Nosebleed Section. Cue the whole of Australia breathing a sigh of relief.

Best status in relation to the Hottest 100:

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 6.08.46 PMNumber of Australian artists: 29. Good effort!

Most popular year: 1997 – reiterating the amazing decade that is the 90s. It was a nearly even split between the decades though, with 49 songs from 93 – 99 and 51 songs from the 00 – 12.

Artist(s) with the most songs: The Killers, Daft Punk and Silverchair.

Best quote: Noel Gallagher, “Halfway through that tour all the money had just come in”18 million albums, [and] we got our royalty cheques. They were in the millions and millions of pounds. I defy anyone to take a phone call that says you’ve got 10 million pounds in the bank and not fucking party.”

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