Macklemore x Ryan Lewis: Berlin Special

I was lucky enough to catch this duo who took over 2012 with that catchy ubiquitous song about thrift shopping on their world tour in Berlin.

As expected, it was a high energy concert with plenty of stories, dancers and feature artists to entertain the crowd. They opened with a beautiful rendition of “10,000 Hours” and following this, Macklemore immediately launched into a story that segued quite comedically and delightfully into “Thrift Shop” where they also brought out Wanz to belt out the chorus. Unfortunately, the stage was quite small, making it difficult to really pull out an entertaining performance but let’s be honest, they could have literally reclined back while the crowd went crazy anyway. Other highlights included “Same Love” and the boundlessly enthusiastic “Can’t Hold Us” featuring Ray Dalton which they also played as an encore, along with the comedic and quirky “And We Danced”. Ryan Lewis kept the energy up, taking care of crowd involvement and the production side of things, as well as playing multiple instruments in the background.

Macklemore told the audience that when they played in Berlin last year, they had 900 people attend their concert. This year, there were 13,000 attendees. Unsurprising, considering how their music and lyrics perfectly strikes a chord with the younger generations and how entertaining and energetic their live shows are.


Hometown: Seattle, US. 
Latest Album: 
The Heist, out October 9 2012.
Sounds Like:  Such a unique sound – this is a difficult act to categorise!
Say What? Macklemore met his girlfriend Tricia Davis through MySpace.

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