What So Not – High You Are

What So Not just released their new EP High You Are composed of a bunch of remixes of this song, which was released on their album The Quack earlier in the year. Astronomar and The Only created very club-friendly hits out of “High You Are”, and Motez produced a techno-influenced sound. SCNTST‘s remix is quite a departure from the original, with a more ambient tone. Finally, the sweet glitchy remix from Branchez is a stand out!

One-half Flume and one-half Emoh Instead, What So Not are probably up there busiest artists in Australia at the moment. They’re seemingly playing in a different city every weekend and releasing remixes and new music constantly, in addition to their own very successful independent projects!

The Breakdown: 

Hometown: Sydney, Australia.

Latest EP: High You Are, out 15 October 2013.

Sounds like: Would it be pathetic to say a mixture of Flume and Emoh Instead? 

Say what? What So Not’s remix of “Get Free” by Major Lazer is arguably what propelled the duo into international recognition. Diplo himself released the track officially through record label Mad Decent following the exceptional positive response.

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