Bam Bam – Bags Packed ft. Allday

I’ve been a fan of Allday for a while now, but this is the first I’ve heard from Melbourne rapper Bam Bam. And with a name like “Bam Bam”, what’s not to love?

He supported 360 on his “Flying Tour” national tour and recently played Aussie hip hop festival Sprung. He’s also touring Australia soon from November 15th to December 13th, check out tour dates here. Bam Bam has released a couple mixtapes but this song is the first single off his upcoming solo album. It’s simply a great tune just in time for the upcoming warmer months! Where have you got your bags packed for?

The Breakdown:

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.

Sounds like: Illy, Pez and Seth Sentry

Say what? Bam Bam is also a breakdancing teacher, and he gave Chris Lilley tips on breakdancing for his hilarious character – Jonah Takaluah. (IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: HOW EXCITED ARE WE FOR JA’MIE: PRIVATE SCHOOL GIRL?!)

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