Flume – Space Cadet ft. Ghostface Killah and Autre Ne Veut

I love, love, love amazing collabs! This is a killah (ha ha) of a song, composed of Flume’s excellent production, Ghostface Killah’s rough rapping, and Autre Ne Veut’s beautiful and soulful vocals. The original version is purely instrumental, and the addition of vocals gives the song a whole new vibe, veering towards hip hop. Both versions stand tall in their own way. You can find this song off Flume’s Deluxe Edition of his debut album.

For some live music, Autre Ne Veut is coming out for Laneway Festival and a couple of sideshows next year!


Hometown: Flume – Sydney, Ghostface Killah – New York City, Autre Ne Veut – New York City.

Latest Album: Flume (Deluxe Edition).

Sounds like: Strongly reminds me of Jaymee Franchina and Jeremy Smith’s B.I.G Flume mashup project – a mixtape purely made up of compilations between Flume and the Notorious B.I.G. 

Say what? Flume’s debut album toppled One Direction’s album on iTunes Australia when it first came out. Well done on pursuing good music taste, Australia.

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