Flume + Chet Faker – Lockjaw

Every couple of weeks I find myself yet again writing about Flume. It’s just so difficult to ignore him and his ever-growing body of projects! Now we can add a 3 song EP collaboration with his best music buddy Chet Faker to his collection of works.

They started off working together with the highly successful song “Left Alone”, and they’ve also toured together in the past. It’s just one of those matches made in heaven. “Drop the Game” was the first single released off Lockjaw and it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a Chet Faker/Flume collab. Much like many of both Chet Faker and Flume’s songs, it’s a song that hooks you in straight from the first listen. It also manages to showcase each of their talents: Chet Faker’s beautiful and sultry crooning, and Flume’s trap influenced addictive beats.

In terms of the other two songs, “What About Us” is similar, albeit slower and washed out. However, “This Song is Not About a Girl” is quite different to what you’d normally expect. The fast paced almost tropical sounding beats that Flume utilises don’t mirror his typical fashion. What do you think? An insight into what his second album will be like, perhaps?


Hometown: Chet Faker – Melbourne, Australia; Flume – Sydney, Australia.
Latest EP: Lockjaw, out 22 November 2013.
Sounds like: Disclosure, Ta-ku.
Say what? Flume hooked up with Intel recently to create a live performance of a track through a collection of Intel tablets and live instruments. The effect is pretty awesome and visually quite stunning. Take a look at the video.

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