THROWBACK THURSDAY: Röyksopp – Happy Up Here

Röyksopp have been kicking around since 1998, and they’re still going strong with the release of new song “Running to the Sea” and B-Side “Something In My Heart” this year. Today we dig into their discography and rediscover the aptly named “Happy Up Here”.

“Happy Up Here” was released as a free download in 2009 from their third album Junior and samples a Parliament song called “Do That Stuff”. As it had been four years since their previous album, the duo thought it was a good track to reintroduce themselves, “It’s a positive, optimistic track with a twist of insanity – we feel that insanity and happiness are the perfect combination. If you’re insane but happy, that’s great!”

Everything from the laughter heard at the start of the track to the shouted lyrics of “I’M READY FOR IT” makes for joyful listening even years later. Could there be a happier song?


Hometown: Tromsø, Norway.
Sounds like: The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx.
Say what? Contrary to most artists trying to find fame, the Norwegian duo wanted a name that was difficult to pronounce and spell. And so emerged the name “Röyksopp” which translates into “puffball” and can be seen as a vague drug reference.

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