The Killers – Shot at the Night

The Killers break up rumours have been rife recently, despite the band having denied any temporary or permanent hiatus. Thankfully, their recent compilation album featured two new tracks: “Shot at the Night” and “Just Another Girl”, giving hard-core Killers fans a thirst quenching taste of their unique sound since their last album ‘Battle Born’ was released last year. The compilation album features 13 of their most successful hits, along with the two newbies. Upon its release, lead vocalist Brandon Flowers said: “This record feels like a great way to clean everything up and move onto the next thing.” The Killers devotees can only hope ‘the next thing’ does not herald the beginning of the end.

Either way, ‘Shot at the Night’ does not disappoint. With it’s dramatic balladic choruses and ‘80s-style pop rock beats, it may just become yet another arm-swaying air-guitar-strumming Killers hit. The tune is more reminiscent of the band circa 2008 – particularly ‘The World We Live In’ and ‘Human’ – than their more recent Americana-rock-esque stuff.


Hometown: Las Vegas, US.
Latest album: Direct Hits, a compilation album of their greatest hits.
Sounds like: Interpol, The Bravery
Say What? The Killers first hinted to a new single release via tweeting an image of morse code in September 2013. The six lines of code translated to ‘The Killers Shot At The Night”.

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