Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (ft. Irfane)

Introducing Breakbot, French producer and DJ, best known for his 2010 single “Baby I’m Yours”, featuring Irfane. Chances are you have already heard his nu-disco, electro-funk sound in Bruno Mars’ 2013 hit “Treasure”, a rip-off of Breakbot’s original. According to Thibaut Berland, the talent behind Breakbot, Bruno approached Breakbot’s label, Ed Banger Records, and asked if he could cover the song. After they refused, Bruno recorded “Treasure”, a song with striking melodic and instrumental similarity to “Baby I’m Yours”. “Treasure” met critical and commercial success, but failed to justly attribute the original artists.

It is always a disappointment when the little guy does not get the credit he deserves. The music video for “Baby I’m Yours” is a stunning handmade creation by Irina Dakeva from Wizz, and is composed of approximately 2000 painted watercolour images. It was Bruno’s retro music video, however, that won the award for Best Choreography at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Though Thibaut has stated that he is flattered by Bruno’s interest in his music, he initially called him out via Twitter. Sampling is becoming an increasingly popular way of producing creative new forms of music, and although Bruno has cited “Baby I’m Yours” as inspiration, it still feels like Breakbot was really thrown under the bus.

“Baby I’m Yours” fuses modern pop with 70s disco and 80s funk. Its old school vibe and blend of guitars, keyboards, and electro synth is complemented by Irfane’s soulful vocals. The track seems to embody that old-meets-new sound, without feeling dated or recycled.

While we can appreciate Bruno’s taste in music, we should appreciate Breakbot’s originality and aplomb more.

You can download Breakbot’s debut album, By Your Side, here.


Hometown: Paris, France.
Latest album: By Your Side, released 14 September 2012.
Sounds like: Justice, Flight Facilities, and Bag Raiders.
Say what? Thibaut has a degree in computer graphics and produces music videos and commercials when he is not busy remixing Daft Punk, Justice or Phoenix.

Ciao ciao, Arianna

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