This week we’re going back to 1999, when the Euro was first introduced, everyone was getting worried about Y2K and the millenium bug, but we all knew the real problem was decoding the Matrix and knowing the lines to American Pie. And of course, the seminal hip hop, R&B girl group gave us one of their signature songs No Scrubs, off their third album Fanmail.

Comprising Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, TLC have been ranked by Billboard magazine as one of the Greatest Trios of All Time. They have had incredible success, with four No #1 singles, four multi-platinum albums and winning 5 Grammy Awards . However, with the untimely death of Left Eye in 2002, the group lost one of its most lively and vivacious members.

I have to admit I was still pretty young when this song came out, but it hooked me nevertheless, and I would sing along to the chorus even though I had no idea what a “scrub” actually was – except that it was not something I wanted. With such catchy hooks and beats – and so much attitude! –  it’s no wonder this song became such a massive hit. It was the first song to reach over 140 million audience impressions, and won the title of Top Airplay Song of 1999.

If you want to relive the music and fashion of the 90s, check out the music video below. If that’s whet your appetite and you want more, a TV biopic was recently aired in the US letting us in behind-the-scenes of the group’s journey from their first album Ooooooohhh… on the TLC Tip to Fanmail. 


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Upcoming Album: They released a compilation album celebrating their 20th anniversary earlier this year, aptly titled 20.
Sounds like: Janet Jackson, the early Destiny’s Child.
Say what? Left-Eye would sometimes wear a condom over her left eye in music videos to endorse safe sex (hence the nickname)




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