Vance Joy – Riptide (FlicFlac remix)

Arguably the hottest song of 2012, although coming in at number two in Triple J’s Hottest 100 that year (behind Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop“), was “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men. The first single from the Icelandic band’s first album was a huge success and proved to be incredibly popular, well into the next summer.

Yet, when the summer of ‘12/’13 hit, I didn’t find myself listening to that blissful mix of upbeat trumpets and soothing vocals. Instead, I found myself listening to a faster paced, even more upbeat remix by electronic duo The Knocks. Although the original was the hottest song of the year, the remix became the hottest song of my summer.

A year and another Hottest 100 later, we have a new hottest song of the year. As Triple J put it, “‘Riptide’ was the perfect summer song; its breezy ukulele, gentle sense of humour and sweet coming-of-age love story injected some warmth into the cold parts of 2013”. You would be hard-pressed to find somebody who hasn’t loved listening to Vance Joy’s hit during these unbearably hot summer days.

Yet again, the hottest hit of the year would not be the hottest hit of my summer. Rather, it would inspire a remix that embodies the joy and the energy brought by the sun and the beach and a beer and a barbie. Deep house duo, FlicFlac, took the hottest song of the year and made it hotter. From that beat at the very beginning, to the clapping 32 seconds in, you already feel full of this energy that, as good as the original is, you just can’t seem to get anywhere else. Nothing, however, beats the pure ecstasy that comes 1:10 into the song. Right when you expect the chorus, you are, instead, blessed with sweet whistling that can only be described as perfection (fans of the original, don’t fret; you get the chorus less than a minute later!).

It has long been a trend that the best songs find their way to being remixed, but only recently has this art been able to take the hottest song of the year and, for this music lover at least, make it hotter.

Huggett out.

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