Ball Park Music – She Only Loves Me When I’m There

I’m pretty excited because much-loved indie pop quintet Ball Park Music have released a new song titled “She Only Loves Me When I’m There” today. This is the first single off upcoming album Puddinghead, which, by the way, is their third album in 2 years. It’s all happening over in the Ball Park Music corner – they also announced a huge nation-wide tour kicking off in the middle of March. The band have had great success in the past with constant touring, winning triple j’s Unearthed Artist of the Year in 2011 and countless festival slots.

For this album, Ball Park Music ditched the fancy recording studios and instead rented out a shabby house in the northern suburbs of their hometown Brisbane to record in. It seems fitting as their music is often influenced by the underdog mentality and banal suburban life – and this time they’ve literally put themselves in that suburban life as they record. You can check it all out in this teaser video they released last week in conjunction with their tour announcement.

“She Only Loves Me When I’m There” is wonderfully typical Ball Park Music. As always, bassist Jennifer Boyce adds that distinctive and delightful harmonisation to Sam Cromack’s lead vocals. They have such a way with writing catchy hooks – after one listen I was already sing-shouting along in what was probably a very off-key manner. Don’t be fooled, the song starts off melancholic but soon enough launches into a characteristically jangle-y chorus.

However, if this song represents what will be on Puddinghead, it definitely follows second album Museum‘s more slow and sober footsteps. Considerably different to their first album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs which had a much more upbeat and cheery outlook with songs such as “iFly” and “It’s Nice to be Alive”.


Hometown: Brisbane, Australia.
Upcoming album: Puddinghead will be released on the 4th of April.
Sounds like: Last Dinosaurs, Hungry Kids of Hungary, Loon Lake.
Say what? Not only are they talented musicians, they’re charitable ones too. Jen Boyce shaved her head on stage at the Brisbane Hi-Fi for the Leukaemia Foundation last year and has previously also chopped her ponytail off for the World’s Greatest Shave halfway through a set.



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