Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow

kacey musgraves

I feel I should start this by saying that I’m not a country music fan; I have nothing against the genre but I’ve never really gotten into it. However, when I first heard Kacey Musgraves perform this song at the Grammy Awards, I found myself jumping straight onto my computer and looking it up so I could play it again and again. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I ended up listening to some other songs from her Grammy Award winning album, Same Trailer Different Park. If you like this tune, I strongly recommend giving the album a chance, particularly her Grammy Award[1] winning single, ‘Merry Go ’Round’.

The song begins with a catchy country guitar lick and a simple bass drum that has you tapping along before you even realise you’re into it. Then the melody comes in and it’s an equally catchy, yet elegantly simple tune that makes for an easy singalong. The lyrics, however, are what truly make this song great. As you’ll find throughout her album, Kacey challenges the ideals that you would typically find in country music with clever lyrics and a good sense of humour. No topic seems to be off limits as she brushes over sex, drugs, and religion with an amazing casualness, poking fun at the conservative nature of places like her own hometown in Texas. The verses use clever rhyming and wordplay to push home a strong point about hypocrisy in conservatism and the chorus carries a loud and clear message: be true to yourself!

The accompanying film clip doesn’t offer too much. Basically, it’s just Kacey singing, her band playing and walking around, and a whole lot of arrows. However, her live performance at the Grammy Awards (see video below) is definitely worth watching. Without having to jump up and down or dance insanely, like you generally have to in pop music and rock, Kacey manages to have an incredible stage presence just by performing (and mastering eye-rolling). A great song by a great artist, this tune just might be the one to get me to give country music another chance.


Hometown: Golden, Texas, USA
Latest album: Same Trailer Different Park, released 19 March 2013.
Sounds like: Good quality country music with the lyrical genius of Tim Minchin.
Say what? Before learning to play guitar, Kacey learnt to play the mandolin. Probably not your typical first instrument…

[vimeo 85394517 w=1000 h=562]

Huggett out.

[1]Yes, she did quite well at the Grammy Awards!

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