Peking Duk ft Nicole Millar – High

Just in time for the end of summer, Peking Duk have teamed up with Sydney-sider singer-songwriter Nicole Millar to release their latest track, “High”. Hailing from our nation’s capital, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles initially started dabbling in different music genres; Hyde in hip hop and rap, while Styles followed an indie route. It was only when they hit 18 that they both discovered a shared taste in dance music, and from that Peking Duk was eventually born.

Nicole Millar has been collaborating with lots of up-and-coming local acts like Cosmo’s Midnight, Emoh Instead, and Allday. Her vocals provide a beautiful melody across the song, giving you something to sing along to as the rest of your body moves along to the dance beats beneath it. This is one incredibly radio-friendly, catchy song. Just like the teaser video below, this song is made to fill dance floors and be played to big crowds.

If that teaser has whet your appetite, you can catch Peking Duk at Groovin the Moo. I wish summer would never end.


Hometown: Canberra, Australia.
Upcoming album: Nicole Millar’s Melt EP out soon
Sounds like: Kidnap Kid, A-Trak
Say what? As all good friendships start, the two boys first met each other in a skate park, before spending the last two years of high school together, solidifying their friendship.


– Amelia


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