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bombay bicycle club

Late last year, London foursome Bombay Bicycle Club introduced their newest album to the public with the first single, “Carry Me”. The release looked to take the band in a new direction with a synthy electronic feel which, frankly, and ever so bluntly, I hated. Fortunately, the second single, “Luna”, was more typical of what their fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, would have to offer.

Musically, this song is absolutely brilliant! It begins with African-like percussion, reminding me a little of Jinja Safari, before lead singer Jack Steadman starts with his uniquely smooth and soft vocals. The first verse is used to build into the song as the percussion, then vocals, and finally base line are layered on top of each other. Each layer brings something hauntingly serene before the drum break pushes it into full throttle. Guest vocalist, Rae Morris, blends flawlessly with Steadman to create beautiful harmonies in the chorus and verses alike. Lyrically, there’s nothing wrong with the song, but it’s definitely the creative instrumentation and blissful vocals that make this one of my favourite songs of the year thus far.

If you’re one for music videos, “Luna” is accompanied by a fun one. Although completely irrelevant to the song, the film clip is one worth watching, displaying (in my non-expert opinion) a very well-choreographed synchronised swimming routine. A combination of talented performers and clever camerawork make for a good viewing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that the band has plans for an album tour of Australia any time soon but we can always hope. In the meantime, give the album a listen or do what I’ve been doing and play “Luna” on repeat until you’re sick of it.


Hometown: Crouch End, London, England
Latest album: So Long, See You Tomorrow, released 3 February 2014.
Sounds like: Two Door Cinema Club, Jinja Safari, Friendly Fires, Vampire Weekend
Say what? The band is named after a now defunct chain of Indian restaurants in the UK. However, if you Google “Bombay Bicycle Club”, you’ll very quickly find that Adelaide has a hotel based on that same chain. I wonder if the band stays there when touring?

Huggett out.

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