In completely speculative worlds-colliding news, Justin Timberlake has been rumoured to be playing the AFL Grand Final this year. I don’t know about you, but we here at art felicis are finding it difficult to fit those two separate entities together.

The CEO of the AFL Andrew Demetriou has announced that he’s retiring from the top job at the end of this year’s season and he’s previously stated that after seeing the Superbowl, one of America’s biggest entertainment spectacles where they attract huge name artists, he wants to bring the same format to the AFL. Justin Timberlake will be touring Australian during the grand final. You could soon be smashing a meat pie while listening to “Cry Me a River”.

You’ve probably read about the failing festival scene in Australia, but in actual positive news, live music is going strong here. Ticket resale service Viagogo has seen loss of demand for festivals like Soundwave, but their highest selling music event has been Bruce Springsteen’s Australian tour. It’s been constant disappointments from the recent festival seasons but interest has seemingly sparked for mini-festivals and things like co-headline tours.  Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails are currently on a co-headline tour in Australia and when frontmen Josh Homme and Trent Reznor chatted to triple j they definitely were less interested in big all-day festivals, “Lots of festivals are like 50 or 60 bands. It’s too much to encapsulate, the idea is too grand.”

Aspiring hipsters, take note: Priceonomics Data Services have developed “The Hipster Music Index”. How hipster is your favourite band? You can now statistically find out. The two measures for this index are comprised of how music-dictator website Pitchfork rates them and how many people like the band. The higher the score, the less Facebook love for the band, the more hipster.

So guys, if any of you soy chai latte loving, facial hair growing, vintage wearing kids have accidentally liked any of these artists below, bike away quickly. Unless it’s just out of irony, of course.


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