JAWS is an up-and-coming producer in the rapidly growing and increasingly popular electronic music scene. At the young age of 20, Jake Keijzers from Sydney looks to be following in the freshly formed footsteps of other Australian producers, creating tunes that are as easy on the ears as they are energy inducing. We here at art felicis are loving the emergence of this genre, having already reviewed Wave Racer, Basenji, and Cashmere Cat, and I don’t think I speak alone when I say that we are more than happy to have another exciting producer on the scene!

JAWS released his first track just under a month ago with “Need Me”. The tune is slower than what we were used to from other electronic producers but still carried that familiar sound that we love. It’s certainly lighter and more bare than other songs of the genre but that’s not to say there is anything wrong with it. Rather, think of it as being like a chocolate coated wafer in a world where all the other chocolates are creamy through to the centre; you’re able to get the same, delightful flavour but with a fluffier, lighter texture.


Released just over a week ago, his second track, “Bare”, fits more into that fast-paced category that we’re used to. The song is generally fun, upbeat, and a feel-good tune but the absolute selling point is those bells. Incredibly catchy, this tune gets better with every play and, if you’re anything like I am, you might find yourself in a daze, tapping along to the bells, instead of doing whatever it is that you’re meant to be doing. Admittedly, the similarities to Wave Racer in this song are very noticeable but whether or not that’s actually a bad thing is up for debate.


I was lucky enough to be able to ask JAWS a few questions and to discover a bit more of the man behind the music. When not producing, Jake is a 3D draftsman, designing wheelchair accessible vehicles. As awesome as that is, he has high hopes that his music will become a full time thing. Aside from asking what he does and where he’s from (he’s a Sydneysider but was actually born in the Netherlands), I thought it’d be good to get a unique insight into his life.

Apparently, Jake hates tomatoes. We’re not just talking about not liking the taste, either. He says that if you hold a tomato near him, he will “push you away or possibly hit you”. Duly noted! Additionally, when asked which animal feature he would want if given the choice, he chose having wings so he could fly. “That’s probably a given that anyone would want.”

I can’t wait to see what’s next for not only this genre but for JAWS and his music. Only time will tell whether or not he makes something of himself but I have high hopes for this up-and-coming artist.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia (born in the Netherlands)
Upcoming album: None that I know of but grab his tracks for free from his Unearthed page!
Sounds like: Wave Racer, Cashmere Cat, Basenji, Rustie
Say what? I think the tomato thing is enough weirdness for now…

Huggett out.

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