Deja – Heavy Water


If you like your music intense and layered, take a little listen to Melbourne-based duo Deja’s new song “Heavy Water”. You’ll soon realise how fitting that name is.

The animal sounds that pop up in the background, the agitated fast-paced beats and the breathy vocals makes this song as haunting as it is beautiful. It wouldn’t feel too out of place in a horror movie – I can just imagine the cabin in a forest setting right now. Yet it somehow manages to be quite a stunning piece of work at the same time. The contrast between the ethereal vocals on top of the heavy beats makes for cool listening and this kind of unique sound is very welcome to our ears.

Deja is composed of already existing artists haxx and RromarinSelf described as “future pop”, these guys are gearing up to release their second EP Infinite Ecstatic following on from their 2013 release Make Light. They’ve generously released “Heavy Water” as a free download.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Upcoming EP: Infinite Ecstatic, out soon.
Sounds like: Willow Beats, Purity Ring
Say what? Rromarin is an animal carer with Wildlife Victoria by day.

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