The Kooks – Down

Get excited, the time has come. That’s right, you heard correctly, The Kooks are back in town. After leaving us high and dry for three years, we had no choice but to quench our Kooks thirst with hits circa 2008 or 2011. But no longer! The Kooks are back with a remarkably different sound in their latest single “Down”, which was released last week, and the accompanying video released yesterday.


“Down” is notably different to their previous work. There is something slightly edgier about it, and the video clip is enough to make anyone with a knuckle-cracking-fear (guilty, as charged) more than slightly uncomfortable. However, the song still maintains that indescribable Kooks-esque (Kooksy?) quality you’ve longed for since hits like “She Moves in Her Own Way” and “Naïve” stopped making airtime.

You’ll find yourself unable to pull this catchy tune out of your ears long after the song has ended; potentially embarrassing, given that the stuttering chorus does – in my humble opinion – occasionally sound a little bit like “down down dicky dicky”. Anyone else? Yes? No? Maybe?


Hometown: Brighton, UK.
Upcoming EP: “Down” is the first single to be released from their upcoming EP of the same name.
Sounds like: The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys
Say what? The Kooks band members self-confess themselves as music “whores” because of the wide variety of inspiration they draw on to make their music.



With sweet summer kisses from Cath

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