Snakadaktal – The Sun II

snakadaktal the sun ii

If you missed the news, on March 16, Snakadaktal announced that they are breaking up. In preparation for their last ever show this Saturday, and in honour of the great music they have released over the years, we at art felicis thought we should share with you the title track from their newest EP, The Sun II. Snakadaktal formed in 2009 in Melbourne but really took off after being named the 2011 Triple J Unearthed High winners. Their self-titled debut EP brought us their hugely popular track, “Air”, which reached number 22 in Triple J’s Hottest 100 of 2011, and truly cemented their place on the Australian music scene. More recently, they’ve released popular tunes in “Hung on Tight” and “Fall Underneath”, the latter being one of my personal favourites from 2013. While it’s definitely sad to see them go, it’s nice to have an opportunity to look back and truly appreciate some great local music.

Snakadaktal’s first, and almost certainly last, album brought us “The Sun II”. The song is very Snakadaktal-esque, their sound being instantly recognisable and reminding me of their leisurely-paced, blissfully peaceful tunes, “Air” and “Fall Underneath”. With a masterful control of the indie sound, the song layers a catchy guitar riff, a simple melody, and underlying percussion to create a happy, smile-inducing tune. The vocal harmonies after the first chorus really add to the feel of serenity, completing the song with one final piece.

For those lucky enough to have tickets to Saturday’s sold out performance, enjoy yourselves! For the rest of us, have a listen to “The Sun II” below, go back and play your favourite Snakadaktal hits, and relish the tunes that will stay with us for a long time yet.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Latest Album: Sleep In the Water, released 2 August 2013.
Sounds like: Cloud Control, Big Scary, Owl Eyes
Say what? Hardly something quirky but Snakadaktal have been playing together since the band members were just 15 years of age! What were you doing at 15?

Huggett out.

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