Hoodlem – Old Friend

The Internet is great for anonymity, but thankfully Hoodlem have chosen to use it for good, providing us with some great soulful electronic tracks. From what little information can be found online, this is a relatively new duo from inner-city Melbourne. They first appeared on the scene (on Soundcloud and Facebook at least) in June/July 2013 with “Through”, which received a decent amount of love from the blogosphere in Australia and internationally.

You can see their popularity increasing, as “Old Friend” has already racked up over 120,000 plays on Soundcloud in 20 days – far more than their previous two tracks. Their next gig is out of the country at Canadian Music Week in May, sharing the stage with City and Colour, Ellie Goulding, and fellow Melbournians Oscar Key Sung and Elizabeth Rose.

Their latest track “Old Friend” strips it back. With a haunting vocal start, this track keeps the minimalist feel with hand claps, simple percussive beats and a simple guitar melody. Interspersed throughout comes a smattering of warped sounds, exploring a more electronic sound, all produced tightly together.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Sounds like: Lorde, Jai Paul
Say what? They’re playing in Canada in May, but despite calling Melbourne their hometown, they have yet to play a gig here. Perhaps a reflection of the love they’ve received from many blogs in the US and Canada?

Happy Listening!

– Amelia

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