Victorian Live Music Scene

This week, Music Victoria has released a report on regional live music with the finding that the regional live music scene is worth $276.2 million to Victoria’s economy. The report was compiled in collaboration with NMIT, RMIT, Box Hill Institute, Victoria University and JMC Academy.

In more unfortunate news, it has been announce that the closure of well-loved Melbourne CBD venue The Palace Theatre will go ahead. The venue has been around since 1860 and the lease is set to expire at the end of May.

Profanity in Rap Music Since 1985

via Best Tickets Blog

Statistics might not have the sexiest reputation, but Best Tickets Blog, a blog reporting on sporting and entertainment data, writes up some pretty interesting posts and comes up with great data visualisations. Most recently, they’ve delved into the world of rap lyrics and profanities, specifically looking at popular hip hop albums from 1985 – 2013. It’s an amusing read and you can see the full article here. We’ve also cut and pasted some of the most interesting facts they’ve come up with for your convenience.

  • The albums Best Tickets put to the test on average had 218 uses of profanity
  • An examination of 2,295 songs had an average of 13.76 instances of profanity
  • Too $hort’s aptly named album Raw, Uncut and X-Rated takes the prize of most profanities per song with the use of the word “bitch” 128 times – that’s 25 “bitches” per song
  • 2001 was the highest year for CWPS (or cuss words per song) with a rate of 22.66 due to these albums: Pain is Love – Ja Rule, Stillmatic – Nas, The Blueprint – Jay-Z, Until the End of Time – Tupac, Word of Mouf – Ludacris
via Best Tickets Blog

Australian Touring News

via SAFIA Facebook

Here at art felicis, we love Canberra trio SAFIA so we’re pretty impressed that they’ve been chosen to support 17-year old music royalty Lorde when she tours Australia nationally at the end of April. As if you needed any more excuse to hit up this concert. Melbourne and Sydney have already sold out, new shows have been added and tickets are flying.

Kanye West’s anticipated Australian tour was set to occur in May, but due to work on his new album, he’s postponed the dates to September. Hey, you can’t stop a self-proclaimed creative genius in the middle of his process. Check out the new dates here.

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