The Wild Curve – Diamonds


Glasgow – the largest city in Scotland, home to Chvrches, Franz Ferdinand, and Belle and Sebastian. Now we can also add The Wild Curve, with their first single, Diamonds. The Wild Curve are a two piece electro-pop band, who’ve managed to produce a great first track after a few months holed up in their bedroom studio.

This is pure indie pop, complete with big anthemic chorus, and crystalline synths. This track however, is topped with a strong Glaswegian accent (Glaswegian being a local dialect of Scots), adding a little bit of a different flavour (and perhaps requiring a bit more effort to make out the lyrics, for those of us unaccustomed to this accent). They’ve also made good use of a pause in the song to provide a bit of contrast and build up to a big ending. This is their first track (as far as we can tell), and we’re looking forward to more.


Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland
Sounds like: Bastille, The Naked and Famous
Say what? Unlike most artists these days, The Wild Curve have actively shied away from social media. No Facebook?!

Happy Listening!

– Amelia

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