Young Maverick – Holiday Popular EP launch


Ah, The Toff In Town. Brings me back to November last year when I couldn’t hold my beer and threw up on the way to the bathroom. Whoops! But don’t worry, we keep things professional at art felicis. Not even our resident beer connoisseur Huggett had a drop! He just kicked off pres with some Japanese from Hanaichi. Step. Back.

Thankfully, the floors were vomit-free at The Toff. We wouldn’t want to detract any attention away from Young Maverick, who launched their sophomore EP, Holiday Popular, last Saturday night. This Melbourne band is pioneering a genre known as “holiday pop”. Bit of rock, bit of pop, bit of whatever “indie” means these days. Young Maverick define music conceptually, with upbeat tracks that evoke memories of the sand between your toes, chocolate Paddle Pops on a hot day, and the carefree feeling of simply doing nothing come the holidays.

The launch attracted a young and mildly inebriated band of loyal followers. Though Young Maverick haven’t played a show in eight months they seemed comfortable on stage, and pumped out an energetic and fast-paced set. Holiday Popular is a 5-track EP, and includes 2013 single “Janitor”, and more recently “Running Around”, which was released last week. New tracks “As One With You”, “Hey Woo”, and “Holiday Popular” were also unveiled, and the band played some familiar tunes from their 2012 self-titled debut EP, as well as a few earlier independent songs.

Young Maverick have all the key ingredients for becoming a success. They’re extremely likeable, have a unique and cheerful sound, and have recently received airplay on Triple J for their new tracks. They’ve even got a steady set of female groupies! Hard to miss the frenzied dancing at the front of the crowd. It’s only a matter of time before they gain traction and concretely establish “holiday pop” within the industry.

Have a listen to “Running Around”, their latest single that blends earnest vocals, energetic drumming and a guitar riff that could rival The Beach Boys. You’re welcome!


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia.
Latest EP: Holiday Popular, released 12 April 2014.
Sounds like: Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and The Strokes.
Say what? Unlike most bands, Young Maverick have a pretty uncomplicated story behind their name. “To be honest, we just chose it from a list of names we made when we first started the band. Billy, our drummer, had a strict rule that we wouldn’t be a ‘the something’s’ band, so The Young Mavericks became Young Maverick pretty quickly” Robbie, the lead singer and guitarist said, in an interview with Valleyarm.

Ciao ciao, Arianna

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