Disclosure & Friend Within – The Mechanism

Here at art felicis, we’re big Disclosure fans. So far in our eyes, they have done no wrong. So imagine the excitement when we saw that amidst their busy touring schedule, and before they hibernate to create a new album, the Lawrence brothers have been kind enough to provide us with a new song to get addicted to.

This track was first released in the lead up to Disclosure’s recent set at Coachella. Even though we weren’t at Coachella (how we wish we were!), thanks to the Internet, you can watch much of their set online. There were a number of special guests, including AlunaGeorge and Sam Smith to help the brothers deliver their huge hits “White Noise” and “Latch”. Perhaps most exciting of all was the appearance of Mary J Blige, there to bring to the crowds her version of “F For You”. We highly recommend you check it out – Mary J Blige brings a cool RnB vibe to the song, adding in her own verse. She can also probably sing the hell out of anything.

For this latest track, Disclosure have teamed up with fellow English producer Friend Within, who’s been making waves in the UK dance scene. Like a few others we’ve reviewed recently, Friend Within has remained quite secretive about his exact identity, but he has apparently already had a successful career (as what exactly, who knows?), and is looking likely to add “successful producer” to his list.

“The Mechanism” has a definitive Disclosure sound to it – right from the outset, there’s no mistaking it. It’s a sound very reminiscent of their hit “When A Fire Starts To Burn”, making good use of what certainly sounds like the same motivational speaker, this time telling us “When you know it’s coming, stay in the zone”. It’s a bouncy dance track, with lots of different layers of synth sounds and lively percussion beats to keep your head bopping to the beat and thoroughly aurally entertained.

If like us, you missed their set in Coachella, never fear, they’re doing the touring rounds across the globe, and for our Aussie readers, will be here for Groovin the Moo.


Hometown: Disclosure – Surrey, England ; Friend Within – Liverpool, England
Latest album: Friend Within have an EP that’s set to hit us in mid July. Disclosure are getting ready to hole up in September to write us a new album. Can’t wait for it!
Sounds like: A lot like Disclosure… but also similar to Gorgon City, Rudimental
Say what? The first song by the Lawrence brothers was actually mixed in older brother Guy’s car. They wired their laptop to the car and mixed it. They’ve come a long way since then.

Happy Listening!

– Amelia

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