Destiny’s Child – Say My Name {Cosmo’s Midnight Very Rare Bootleg}


Cosmo’s Midnight is made up of identical twins, Cosmo and Patrick Liney, and is a relatively new and upcoming act on the Australian electronic music scene. Best known for their 2013 hit, “The Dofflin”, the boys from Sydney have managed to make a name for themselves; they were even a part of the Nina Las Vegas Presents tour earlier this year.

The twin producers have spat out a number of sick remixes, from their mix of Flume’s “Sleepless” that really sparked their emergence onto the scene, to more recent mixes of bands such as Panama and Snakadaktal. This newest mix, however, is something completely out of left field. It was first played on Wave Racer’s set for BBC Radio’s “Diplo and Friends” last month before finally being released on their SoundCloud just three hours ago.

If you didn’t know the original (let’s face it though, you do), you could be excused for not immediately recognising this as a late 90’s/early 00’s hit. The mix manages to achieve the perfect balance of the original melody with the more modern electronic sound, moving away from the pop stylings of Destiny’s Child to that rapidly growing genre that we at art felicis really love.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Latest EP: Surge, released 7 June 2013
Sounds like: Wave Racer, Basenji, Flume
Say what? The duo’s name was created after Cosmo made a remix of Lykke Li’s “Little Bit” at midnight one night. The mix was called “Cosmo’s Midnight Mix” and, from there, the name emerged.

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  1. I remember when this song came out. This doesn’t sound too bad though. I would have to say that something like this would be rare because of how old the song is

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