Reva DeVito – Friday Night (Produced by KAYTRANADA)

Short working weeks are the best. For our international readers, Friday is a public holiday for us Aussies. So in the spirit of getting ready for the weekend (on a Thursday?!), here’s a dancey new track from Reva DeVito.

Reva DeVito is a Portland native who started out playing guitar around campfires, and is now recording tracks. She’s set to release her debut EP, the entirety of which will be produced by KAYTRANADA.

KAYTRANADA (real name Kevin Celestin) is Haiti-born, raised with French as his first language in Montreal, and has been making beats since he was first introduced to music production software at the age of 14. Although these beats tend to come with the label “electronic music”, there is a strong hip hop, RnB vibe to it that shows his musical preference. The word is spreading, as he’s been headlining tours around Europe, North America, and he recently toured Australia with fellow Canadian Ryan Hemsworth, and was also here for Future Music Festival 2014.

“Friday Night” is a relatively simple track, but done well. It starts with driving bass beats, and makes good use of DeVito’s sultry vocals to carry much of the melody with coy candy lyrics. Although not too dissimilar from many such female vocalist/produced tracks out there, it is nevertheless an addictive listen.

Hometown: Reva DeVito – Portland, USA; KAYNTRANADA – Montreal, Canada
Latest EP: Reva DeVito has her debut EP produced by KAYTRANADA out soon; KAYTRANADA is working on his own EP too
Sounds like: Snakehips, a little bit AlunaGeorge
Say what? KAYTRANADA’s favourite N64 game is WWF No Mercy. If there are any other questions you’d like to ask, you can post them on his blog

Happy Listening!

– Amelia


  1. I just found out about this girl through her ‘Sweetest Taboo’ cover. Really liking her ethereal, loungy sound. Can’t wait for an EP/album. Wonder what she sounds like live, though.

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