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Early this morning (last night in the UK), Kasabian announced their upcoming fifth studio album, 48:13. With it came the release of their newest single, “Eez-eh”, which was premiered in Australia on triple j Breakfast. Anticipation for the band’s newest album has been growing since they released a teaser video back in November and has shifted into overdrive with this newest announcement. The single marks the first new release for the band since their last album, Velociraptor!, in 2011.

It’s clear from the first ten seconds that Kasabian have taken a new direction with this tune. The YouTube comments (a totally reasonable source that is frequently drawn upon in respected journalism) suggest that this little piece of something different is receiving very mixed reviews. Personally, I love when an old band tries something new and the boys from Leicester have done it well. The opening sounds like something you might expect from Art vs Science but once the song gets going it sounds more like a mixture of Hot Chip and Franz Ferdinand. Admittedly, the song feels a little lyrically empty but the catchiness more than makes up for where it’s lacking.

The question on everyone’s lips now is whether the next single will be more like the old Kasabian or if this new direction will feature throughout the whole album. I’ll be happy either way and am just excited to hear more from a band that released their debut record almost ten years ago.


Hometown: Leicester, England
Upcoming album: 48:13, to be released June 9
Sounds like: Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand
Say what? In 2011, the Kasabian boys liked to upload pictures of what they called ‘The Slab’. “Not to be confused with planking, ‘The Slab‘ is where the participant should look like he or she has fallen directly from the sky face down and as flat as possible almost cartoon like in appearance.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91zMHsS7O2s&w=560&h=315]

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