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At just 21 years of age, Lincoln Jesser is already garnering a reputation for creating great electronic music with catchy hooks and danceable beats. Jesser grew up in La Quinta, California, home to Coachella music festival. Much to the envy of us here at art felicis, he’s been attending the famous music festival pretty much every year since he first attended at 13.

13 seems to have been a pivotal year musically for Jesser, as this was also the year he completed his first musical recording – a Coldplay cover for his crush at the time. High from this success Jesser evidently decided music was his thing – he spent his high school years as lead vocalist/guitarist of an indie-rock band Technicolor Wolves. He even turned down an offer for Yale to study music in USC. Listening to his tracks, this obviously wasn’t a bad choice.

Jesser’s latest track, “Wicked Son”, is one catchy tune with cute, quirky lyrics – apparently this track was inspired by the biblical story of the four sons (wise, wicked, simple and silent), and is about the struggle between being a ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ person. There’s an anthemic quality to this track; you can just imagine it being played at a festival to an open-air crowd.

Like much of the music on his soundcloud (which we do recommend you check out), Jesser’s latest track “Wicked Son” is also available for free download. Who doesn’t like freebies?

Hometown: La Quinta, California, USA
Latest EP: In My Dreams EP, released March 2013
Sounds like: a little bit like Dan Croll, St Lucia
Say what? During his freshman year at USC, CEO of record label Indie Pop Music, Ben Willis, dropped by Jesser’s dorm room to listen to his tunes.

Happy Listening!

– Amelia

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