Disclosure Australian Tour 2014

If it wasn’t obvious that we love Disclosure here at art felicis, allow me to remind you now. After so many thwarted attempts at seeing them live, we finally saw them perform at The Forum in Melbourne as part of their Groovin’ The Moo sideshows on Wednesday night. And boy, it was freaking fantastic.

Biases and fangirl moments aside, Disclosure truly appeals to such a wide range of people with their brand of catchy, beat-driven dance music. This was demonstrated by the mixed audience that rocked up to the first of their three sold out Melbourne shows. Baghdad/Perth producer Motez kicked things off with a smooth DJ set in the beautiful Forum theatre. At first it was strange being in a theatre surrounded by Roman statues and and fresco ceilings with bass pounding into your ears. It was almost like being in a really high class warehouse party. Somehow, though, the venue and music worked.


The stage set up had each brother on opposite sides of the stage in a little booth made up of a variety of instruments and equipment. To start off the set, they immediately dropped back-to-back crowd pleasers – the new “F For You” featuring Mary J Blige and a personal favourite, “When a Fire Starts to Burn”. The stage visuals were great, but didn’t detract too much attention away from the actual act. And they didn’t need it, their performance was entertaining enough. Without any disrespect to DJs, but these days after seeing DJ set after DJ set, it was a highlight seeing Disclosure perform all the elements of their music live.


After delving back into some of their past tracks from Offline Dexterity, they ventured onto tracks from their hit debut album Settle. Dance tunes like “Grab Her” and “Stimulation” kept the energy up, and popular tracks like “White Noise” featuring AlunaGeorge and “You and Me” featuring Eliza Doolittle kept the crowd going. One stand out visual effect was during “Help Me Lose My Mind” featuring London Grammar, when the classic Disclosure face was animated on a screen in the background and lip-synching the lyrics.


Just before they played “Latch”, they commented that they weren’t going to walk off stage to simply be called back for an encore. For this, I salute them. How tedious are forced encores? Instead, they played the tiny vocal snippet that starts “Latch” off (I’m not even going to attempt to try and type it out) as a teaser. When the audience lost their shit, Guy smiled, mouthed “wow” and shook his head. Though there wasn’t a huge amount of crowd interaction, it was clear how pleasantly surprised they were by their music making such huge waves on the other side of the world from their hometown. They’ve been to Australia a few times now, but I can’t imagine that feeling disappearing quickly. “Latch” may be old, and you may be sick of it, but seeing it live was another level. And the front row view was not bad either.


Hometown: Surrey, England.
Sounds like: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Duke Dumont
Say what? This Disclosure Face App. Guaranteed fun times.
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