Future – Benz Friendz (Whatchutola) ft. André 3000

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Fresh off a headline show with Outkast at Coachella, André 3000 drops this collab with up-and-comer Future. Although Dré technically features on this track from Future’s latest offering Honest, a quick listen will have you convinced it was the other way around.

The two ATLiens team up for an expletive-filled message to materialistic groupies and gold diggers alike: scram, hoes, but this Atlanta connection is where the common ground ends. This conceptually unlikely collaboration delivers part club banger part conscious rap, and with André bursting back on the scene and Future becoming more hip-hop relevant, this partnership gives both parties the exposure they’re looking for.

Opening with screeching tyres, 3000’s voice comes in with the gospel backing to hint at the motif of the song; chicks, whips and materialism. The catch hook is jarring at first, but once you’ve adjusted to the sheer amount of explicit language you’ll find yourself cussin’ along.

Future’s autotuneless voice is almost unrecognisable in the first verse and really slows down the tempo. Despite a few witty references, Future is soon forgotten as 3 Stacks proceeds to absolutely own the song with his 16 bars. Using the double entendre like he never stopped, André 3000 casually spits his verse laden with #realtalk lamenting the growing materialism in hip hop and America in general. Unmistakably smooth, Dré’s laidback delivery forces you to listen and Future’s unique take on autotuning keeps his performance interesting.

All up this song surprised me, and the more I listen to it, the more it makes me feel like 3 Stacks is back. And that folks is a beautiful thing.


Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Latest album: Honest, released 22 April, 2014
Sounds like: T-Pain, Flo Rida, Tyga
Say What? Recently Future has squashed a rap beef with Drake, however his beef with T-Pain is still ongoing.

Peace, Nick


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