USA Today’s “Five Australian acts you need to know now”

Australian music seems to be somewhat of a hip thing these days. USA Today is amongst the largest newspapers in the US, and they have just named five Aussie acts that are breaking ground over there right now. It’s a wide range of genres – teenage boy band 5 Seconds of Summer, triple j Hottest 100 chart topper Vance Joy, rapper Iggy Azalea, folk rock five-piece Boy and Bear, and Perth rock group Birds of Tokyo. It’s exciting that Australian music is getting the recognition it deserves on the world stage. In this separate article on why Australian music is so suddenly hot, Shazam’s head of music Peter Szabo quotes, “They embrace the idea of breaking music first. They’re very open to new music and love new technology. They love being on the leading edge.” No worries, Peter!

Blasting Music Journalism 

There has been a bit of a heated debate recently between music critics and artists. Of course, these two parties are naturally frenemies (sorry for going all Gossip Girl on you), and one can’t live without the other.

In an interview with Music Feeds last month, The Jezabels’ frontwoman Hayley Mary shared her thoughts on music critics. She believes “there is too much hatred in the world to have a job that is based on writing off what other people try and do…Clearly it’s not for you, so you’re communicating something that’s not that helpful to someone who might potentially like it, or not like it. It’s just hate, and gushing is similarly as uninformative and not helpful.”

Lorde also recently voiced her opinion on reviewers on her Tumblr taking Complex Music’s review of Iggy Azalea‘s The New Classic as inspiration, “have a stance on an artist and stick to it. don’t act like you respect them then throw them under the bus.”

In response to this, Complex Music wrote a pretty interesting defence. It states “Giving someone a bad review basically boils down to thinking someone our audience is interested in didn’t make a very good record…Lorde declaring “have a stance on an artist and stick to it” is a bizarre notion for an organization like Complex, which is to say bizarre for any media organization that claims to have any journalistic integrity. No one should stick to their opinion when new facts (possibly in the form of new music) are made available that can alter your views. Art and artistry are fluid things.”

At art felicis, we tend to agree with Complex’s view. However, you’ll more often than not find positive reviews of artists here, because we review what we think deserves to be shared!


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