Fishing – Your Mouth {Ft. Jonas Nicholls}

fishing your mouth

Fishing is a duo from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, consisting of Russell Fitzgibbon and Doug Wright. Hardly new to the music scene, they’ve supported bands such as Jinja Safari and Cloud Control, as well as playing their own shows in the US, UK, and around Australia. It’s been well over three years since they released their first song, “OOOO”, and recently they released the first official single for their upcoming debut album, Shy Glow.

Most of Fishing’s music would fall into the electronic genre, a genre that we at art felicis love, but this new song leans away from that into my personal favourite, indie rock. With guest vocals from SURES’s Jonas Nicholls, and a boppy jungle beat, “Your Mouth” has a feel-good, easy-going vibe to it that has you smiling and nodding along. The track layers the guitar riff with a catchy rhythm, then adds bass and vocals, and lastly adds a final layer in what I can only guess is something like a pan flute. Each layer is brilliantly simple but, when put together, creates an intricate jungle sound with a whole lot going on. It’s definitely a sound that I’m happy to listen to again and again.

The debut album will consist of already released tracks, “Choy Lin” and “Chi Glow”, and plenty of new stuff too. The diversity shown by tackling different genres in the early releases is a positive sign of things to come but I certainly wouldn’t mind a few more tracks like this one.


Hometown: Blue Mountains, Australia
Upcoming album: Shy Glow, to be released 6 June 2014
Sounds like: Jinja Safari, Young Maverick
Say what? Typical of young Aussies, the boys from Fishing like to get a little childish on their Facebook page, often posting amusing pictures such as chest and crotch shot of Tony Abbott in his Speedos or interesting screenshots of their text messages.

Huggett out.

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