Groovin’ the Moo – Bendigo 2014

Some of your trusty art felicis crew made the trek up to Bendigo this past weekend to cover all the Groovin’ the Moo happenings! After a 6am wakeup call, 2 hours on the VLine plus a 20 minute shuttle bus ride, we found ourselves freezing cold at Bendigo’s Prince of Wales Showgrounds. Thiiiis better be worth it, we thought.

First up, we caught Robert DeLong on the Udder Stage (please never stop the cow puns). This UK producer uses some pretty damn cool instruments to create his loops and sounds, including a Wii-mote, a PS2 controller and a joystick controller. At the relatively early time of 12pm, it probably wasn’t the most ideal set time for DeLong’s thumping EDM; however, along with his colourful face paint and energetic stage presence, his live show was unique and entertaining, and his hit track “Global Concepts” certainly got everyone dancing. Also on the main stage, Architecture in Helsinki rocked adorable dance moves and colour co-ordinated outfits matching new album Now +4Eva‘s colour scheme. They played a tight set with older tunes from their lengthy catalogue like “Heart It Races” plus a selection of songs from new album like “I Might Survive”. With a mountain of experience to back them, Architecture in Helsinki’s bright live set is a must-see for any Melbourne music lover.


Three acts represented Australian hip hop at Groovin’ the Moo, including emerging artist Allday. A highlight of Allday’s set was a 90s mashup done in conjunction with his backing DJ Mikey Hundred. Staying in the hip hop world, but jumping across to the UK, hugely popular Dizzee Rascal proved himself to be a born entertainer with songs like “Fix Up, Look Sharp” and “Bonkers”. These tunes will forever be in my “getting the party started” playlist.

As expected, Violent Soho delivered an absolutely hectic set for their passionate fans. “Covered in Chrome” is next level, and such a great song to experience in a heaving cramped festival tent. In a complete change of genres though just as enjoyable, The Kite String Tangle performed in the same Moolin Rouge tent (seriously, milking those cow puns). Classics like “Commotion” and “Given the Chance” were well-received, and he also brought out Nicole Millar to duet with him. Speaking of Nicole Millar! Definitely one of, if not the best, moments was Peking Duk’s set – particularly the climax with their new song “High”. We reviewed this song as “made to fill dance floors and be played to big crowds”. After seeing them play it live complete with confetti canons, there is no doubt about that.


It was dance music from there on in, with a glittery trap-tastic set from Wave Racer, followed by What So Not (just Emoh Instead though – Flume is too busy being Flume) pounding out the party tunes, and Disclosure perfectly finishing the night off (see our review of their sideshow here).

Then it was back on sickeningly crowded shuttle busses, jumping on the last VLine train to Melbourne, and running across Flinders Street Station to get on the last train home. Was it worth it? Considering such a solid line up of international and local acts, and the point of difference it brings as a regional touring festival, cow-nt me in for next year.

Exclusively and pretentiously handpicked just for you, by Jane

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