$20,000 in Spotify Royalties

A small indie band named Vulfpeck have very cleverly outsmarted Spotify’s average of $0.0006 to $US0.0084 royalty per stream business model. The indie German-American rhythm section band from LA created an album of absolute silence Sleepify and asked their fans to continuously stream it as they slept. They managed to raise roughly $20,000 to fund a tour. You gotta hand it to them and their loyal fans. Spotify has since asked them to take the album down but I’m sure you won’t need a sample of what it sounded like.

Eurovision Song Contest

It’s Eurovision weekend! The competition finished up last night (SPOILER ALERT) and the winner is Conchita Wurst, an Austrian drag queen. How fantastic is that? Of course, this year was particularly interesting to Australians with Jessica Mauboy asked to perform during the interval as the first non-European nation. The 24-year old Darwinian began her career on Australian Idol and has been one of the most successful alumni from the reality show, having collaborated with big names in the past including Jay Sean, Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg.
The performance began with a fairly nauseating cliche skit complete with surfer boys, AFL and koalas, before Mauboy launched into her song “Sea of Flags”, but it ended satisfyingly with both the Australian and Aboriginal flags on show. You can catch the finals officially airing in Australia on Sunday night.

Arctic Monkeys on Like A Version

Arctic Monkeys are kicking up a storm in Australia at the moment with their AM album tour, and they also dropped into triple j to cover Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” from their album Lonerism on Like A Version. This version is thoroughly stripped back and Alex Turner’s drawling Northern English accent is worth the watch.

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