Porter Robinson – Sad Machine

If you’re a fan of electronic music, you’re probably no stranger to Porter Robinson. Hailing from a small town in North Carolina, Robinson has been making the rounds over the past few years at festivals like Coachella, Future and Ultra. No mean feat, considering he’s only 21.

porter robinson

Take, for example, his latest song release, which has only been out a few days but has already racked up over 30,000 likes on soundcloud. The single, strangely titled “Sad Machine”, is a moving mixture of melody and electronic riffs.

Go on, have a listen and see what all the fuss is about. And keep your eyes peeled for his highly anticipated debut album coming out this year…

Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US.
Upcoming album: Worlds, to be released 12 August 2014.
Sounds like: Passion Pit.
Say what? Robinson was self-taught, began producing music at age 12, and was a household name by age 18.

With sweet summer kisses from Cath

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