GOVS – Australian Summer

govs australian summer

Josiah Birrell’s bedroom is where the blissful, magical marriage of electronic and alternative vibes of GOVS began. Last year, this one-man project was handpicked to be mentored by the talented Josh Pyke out of more than 200 people in conjunction with The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). Pyke noticed Birrell’s potential and strong vision for music, helping him to discover his sound and learn the tricks of the trade. Since then, Birrell has completed a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. Birrell has enjoyed a rapid evolution from bedroom production to airplay on Triple J.

This multi-instrumentalist dude has recently released his new single “Australian Summer”, which sounds like a stripped back hazy daydream. The pumping synths, interesting multilayered vocals and raw percussion transports you to a fluffy cloud far, far away from this world. Birrell experiments with light and shade through adding different textures to the mix, taking you to a relaxing beach of happiness. If you’re looking for a slow, ambient and lo-fi song to kick back and relax to, stop looking and start listening to GOVS.

Birrell seems to have been thrown into the arena of Australia’s cool electronic artists and has been busy doing a few local shows. His new song seems to slow down the ebb and flow of everyday life, making you reminisce about the melodic days of summer.


Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia.
Latest single: “Australian Summer” released 27 April 2014.
Sounds like: Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Oliver Tank.
Say what? Birrell was asked the question: “If you were an animal, what would you be?” His answer: “I probably would be a cat.”

Je suis la imaginer, Imogen

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