Camden Arc – Is It Good To You

camden arc

M-Phazes, or Mark Landon, has recently introduced a new alias – Camden Arc. Usually focused on his stellar career producing for big names like Eminem, this new side project is so far all about original productions from the man himself. The tunes take on a more glitch driven vibe as opposed to his usual hip-hop roots. There have only been two releases so far (run and get your free downloads now!), “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” and “Is It Good To You”.

The Melbourne-based/Gold Coast-bred producer has drawn influence from Chicago juke (a type of Chicago house music) in latest release “Is It Good To You”. It features fellow producer 10A and the sample you’re hearing is Teddy Riley and Tammy Lucas’ song from the 1991 movie Juice. Listen once and you’ll be attempting to sing along with the heavily synth-d up vocals too.


Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia.
Sounds like: Hermitude, Flume.
Say What? M-Phazes was an Album of the Year nominee for the 2010 J Awards for album Good Gracious. In his interview for this award, he states “Right now I’m working with a girl from NZ currently living in Melbourne, her name is Kimbra and she is amazingly talented.” Looking back with perspective, I guess he knows talent when he hears it!

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