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banks drowning

The enigmatic BANKS has dropped “Drowning”, another stellar single from her forthcoming debut album Goddess, which is set for release on 5 September. Following “Goddess” and “Brain”, two tracks that Jillian Banks put out this year, the album will also include “Before I Ever Met You”, “Warm Water” and “Waiting Game”, three hugely successful singles from her Fall Over and London EPs.

BANKS’ style is difficult to pigeonhole, likely due to the fact that the LA singer-songwriter is a self-taught pianist, and kept her music pretty private up until she released her first single, “Before I Ever Met You” last year (yes, only last year).

“I definitely want [my music] to be really cinematic; I want you to be able to visualise things while you’re listening to it. I just want everything to be moody—I want it to affect people,” BANKS said to Interview.

“Drowning” is certainly affecting. Borrowing from hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and alternative pop, the song is choppy and reverbed—best listened to through headphones for that tripped-out sound that flits between left and right ears. An easy song to lose yourself in, BANKS’ raspy voice paints a vivid picture of a bitter lover and a toxic relationship. With forthright lyrics like “You’re so bold while you’re watching me moan,” BANKS lends a raw vulnerability to her music, which makes it so soul-stirring and admirable.

Touring the U.S. and Europe over the next two months, the art felicis team predict that she would be kind of magnificent live. Click here for her upcoming shows and tickets. For the rest of us, listen to “Drowning” below, or any of her other tracks through Soundcloud, while we impatiently await the release of the impressive 18-track debut album.

P.S. The title track “Goddess” is another favourite.


Hometown: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Upcoming album: Goddess, set for release on 5 September, 2014.

Sounds like: Lana Del Rey, Lorde, The Weeknd

Say what? “Waiting Game” was used in the 2013 Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial. Click here if you want to watch a pretty ridiculous clip that will probably ruin your personal interpretation of the song.

Ciao ciao, Arianna

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