Angus & Julia Stone – Heart Beats Slow

angus & julia stone heart beats slow

They’re back! In a time where sibling music acts are on the rise, Angus & Julia Stone bring us their first new music together since their album, Down the Way, back in 2010. Huge fans of their music, we at art felicis are ecstatic that they’ve made their return and are anxiously awaiting the release of their upcoming, self-titled third album, due in August this year.

The reveal of their upcoming album comes as a bit of a surprise. In an interview on triple j, Julia told listeners that producer, Rick Rubin, heard their music at a friend’s party and decided that he wanted to work with them. If you don’t know who Rick Rubin is, he founded the Def Jam record label and has worked with a long list of famous acts including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, AC/DC, Eminem, and many, many more. Apparently, they had no intention of getting back together so, if it was going to take one of the all-time great producers to change their minds, we’re glad Rubin really liked their music.

This new single, “Heart Beats Slow”, brings something different to what we love about the siblings from Sydney. The tune combines the duo’s well-known folk vibe and lyrics with an RnB groove, possibly inspired Rubin. Neither sibling dominates this song vocally. Rather, they collaborate flawlessly with a combination of back-and-forths and beautiful harmony. It’s instantly recognisable as an Angus & Julia Stone hit yet, at the same time, it’s refreshingly different. Listening to this new tune is the perfect way to warm yourself up for winter.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Upcoming album: Angus & Julia Stone, to be released 1 August 2014
Sounds like: Angus Stone, Julia Stone
Say what? In their recent interview on triple j, Angus Stone revealed that he is living in a circus tent. Apparently he’s “done it up really beautiful”, according to Julia, and it even has a landline. This is pretty much the definition of “say what?”

Huggett out.

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