Meanwhile – Bigger City


If you’re sick of the gloomy, rainy weather, or just in that middle of the week rut, you need the latest song from Meanwhile to take you back in time to some of that over the top 80s goodness, with big hair, big shoulders, and bright colours. Meanwhile, also going by the name of Tom Andrews, is a young British singer, producer, and film score writer. Inspired by Danny Elfman’s film scores (Elfman being a long time musical collaborator of Tim Burton), Andrews started out composing ambitious film scores, before moving to hip hop producers, then finally finding a good groove in bedroom disco pop.

Meanwhile received lots of blog love with his first single Luvletta, which carries much of the same 80s disco pop feel. Andrews’ talents have not been missed by the industry, with Meanwhile booked as the support act for La Roux’s autumn tour around the UK.

His second track, ‘Bigger City’ starts out with faint sirens, before blasting into glitchy synth-pop disco tunes. With a strong anthemic feel to the song,’Bigger City’ gives a feeling of wanting to escape from the limits of your small town and lose yourself in the opportunities in the bigger cities of the world.


Hometown: Basingstoke, UK.
Sounds like: Something from the 80s, with a little bit of Prince, and maybe a little bit of TV on the Radio.
Say what? “Meanwhile” was originally intended as a tattoo.

Happy listening!


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