Bad//Dreems – Dumb Ideas Tour


Smashing out a full day at work and then rushing out to catch a headline band play at 8PM seems a little unheard of on a Saturday night but rather than feeling frazzled and drained, I ran into Record Paradise and just caught the start of Bad//Dreems set.

Playing to a sold out room, the Adelaide 4-piece rioted through their set which was filled with songs that carve their own places between rock, lo-fi, noise and suburban punk (a lot of genres I know, but no one likes to pigeonhole).

Touring in promotion of their latest single “Dumb Ideas”, Bad//Dreems are a band that have recently been gaining a lot of momentum from their energetic live shows that spread the seemingly obvious, and always welcome vibe of “I don’t give a fuck”.

Battering through crowd favourites such as “Caroline”, “Close To God” and “Dumb Ideas”, the togetherness of a band that at times purely seems like they are making noise, is marked by the vocalist’s (Ben Marwe) suburban Australian drawl that flows superbly and effortlessly into a loud and ambitious scream.  Their performance signifies a band that knows their crowd and has only grown stronger from relentlessly touring in the last year.

With lyrics that capture the sometimes banal and frustrating landscapes of outer-city, suburban Australia, Bad//Dreems give the crowd everything they have with sweat pouring from pretty much anywhere it can through their bodies.  This forces the crowd to work hard too and they take in all the buzzing sound, all of the jerking movement and all of the relatable lyrics so that they too can have a moment to escape their lives through the energy of live music.

This is a band to note, a band to listen to and a band to definitely watch.  This is a band that will headline bigger venues and this is a band that will be up there with the likes of Wavves, Violent Soho and Children Collide in the shortest matter of time.  Recognise original, unique and authentic Australian music that captures what it’s like to be Australian at this time. Recognise Bad//Dreems and go out and buy their latest EP Badlands.


Hometown: Adelaide, Australia
Latest EP: Badlands, released 5 August, 2013.
Sounds like: Wavves, Violent Soho, Dune Rats
Say what?  The band filmed their video “Chills” in some of the same locations that the film Snowtown was made to try and capture the darker, sinister side of the Australian suburbs

Paws and pineapples, Cat

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