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Can someone please explain to me the nation’s most baffling phenomenon known as the ARIA charts?

Seriously. Are these songs really Australia’s most beloved songs of the moment? Maybe I’m an ignorant hermit, but I can’t imagine ‘Que Sera‘ by Justice Crew to be the number one song that people are listening to AT THIS VERY SECOND. Then again, 22 of my Facebook friends “like” the Justice Crew page (22 more than I expected), so maybe art felicis is just an extremely irrelevant source for your music needs!

Coming in at number two on the charts is ‘Am I Wrong’ by Nico & Vinz, male rap-pop duo from Oslo, Norway (Scandinavia, drool). Formerly known as Envy, the duo formed in 2009, and released a mixtape in 2010, called Dreamworks: Why Not Me. In 2011, they won the Emergenza Festival, a competition for international emerging artists, and released ‘One Song‘, a rap-heavy Norwegian hit with reggae and pop influences, from their debut album The Magic Soup and the Bittersweet Faces.

Released in April 2013 in Scandinavia, ‘Am I Wrong’ was launched worldwide in January this year, after the duo signed with Warner Bros. Records, changed their name from Envy to Nico & Vinz, and opted for more singing and less rap. Undeniably catchy, but not in a manufactured way, Nico Sereba and Vincent Dery draw musical inspiration from their cultural roots, with Nico’s father from Ivory Coast, and mother from Norway, and Vinz’s parents from Ghana.

“We put all those elements together in the music, so when you listen, you hear that it has an African influence to it because we have roots in Africa. It has a Scandinavian pop melody and an urban touch to it as well because we used to rap a lot before,” Vinz said, in an interview with USA Today.

The music video is set in Maun in Botswana, and Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, in an effort to present a positive side of Africa—a continent so often associated with war-torn and poverty-stricken news images. Though I can’t seem to decide whether this song is about following your dream or following your heart, it’s clear why this single has become an international success for the breakthrough duo.

‘Que Sera’ by Justice Crew? Not so clear.


Hometown: Oslo, Norway.
Upcoming album: Black Star Elephant, to be released this year.
Sounds like: The Police, Paul Simon‘s Graceland (according to their website—difficult one to compare!).
Say what? In an interview with FaceCulture, Vinz admitted that in 2006 (before he met Nico), he hit his lowest point when during his performance at a show for a school, the lights came on, the music and microphone were cut, and the audience started leaving. “I was still doing my verse! Imagine that. After that day… nothing has even bothered me remotely.”

Ciao ciao, Arianna.


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