Montaigne – I’m A Fantastic Wreck

Montaigne - I'm A Fantastic Wreck

Montaigne is the stage name of Sydney singer, Jessica Cerro. A finalist for triple j Unearthed High in 2012, she waited until she finished her schooling before pursuing her music career. Now her debut EP, Life of Montaigne, is just around the corner and I highly recommend giving her stuff a listen.

The first single from the EP, “I’m A Fantastic Wreck”, puts Cerro’s unique vocal talents on full display. From the oohs in the beginning to the harmonies scattered throughout, everything blends flawlessly yet manages to stand out in its own right. Musically, the song blends a range of acoustic sounds to create something so simply beautiful. And then, halfway through and ever so briefly, we’re given cymbals and a clashing piano chord, which ties in perfectly with the theme of her being a wreck.

Lyrically, the song manages to create the character of a deranged, fantastic wreck of a woman. A woman that, despite all her quirks, just wants to be loved for who she is. The last line of the chorus sums is up perfectly. Cerro sings “And if nothing else can change me, and I am just this way, then would you love me?” It’s a simple concept that is tackled with a graceful yet eccentric approach.

More recently, Montaigne has released “I Am Not An End”, another track that is worth a listen. This young upcoming artist is clearly a talent and we at art felicis can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Upcoming album: Life of Montaigne, to be released this year.
Sounds like: Florence and the Machine, Lisa Mitchell, Bjork

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