SALES – vow

salesSingle cover artwork: Alana Questell

SALES, Florida duo (Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih), have recently released their funky single “vow”.

Here at art felicis we scour the musical seas for good music and this is good. These two buddies have a big love of Thai food, tennis and music. So far, their sweet music has locked in publications with Majestic, Stereogum, CMJ, Bandcamp, Urban Outfitters Blog and much more.

Their new single ‘vow’ is a taster for their forthcoming debut album. This track could be the song you wake up to in the morning. Their laid-back sound could be described as a little bit cliché, but effective and works. It’s a little bit crunchy with instrumental and vocal improvisation, but has a lovely acoustic spread of minimalist guitar-pop jams.

This fresh duo have released other singles over the last 10 months like ‘chinese new year‘, ‘renee‘, ‘tonka time‘, ‘toto‘ and ‘ez‘ – but ‘vow’ seems to be getting a little selfish in gaining the most attention.

SALES will be touring all around the US East Coast from June 16 to June 28. If you’re missing the sandy shores, have a listen to the funk of ‘vow’.


Hometown: Florida, US.
Sounds like: Daughter, Phoenix
Say what? This duo have been best buds for years!

Je suis la imaginer, Imogen.

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