The Talks – Radio


‘Radio’ is the latest fun-packed tune with good vibes from British ska/reggae band, The Talks.

Ticking in all the boxes of the ska and genres like a calypso drum intro, bouncing guitar chord progressions and blaring horn lines, ‘Radio’ does all it can to deliver a song about the frustration of relationships that isn’t depressing but rather, affirming and uplifting.

The vocals of Patrick (lead singer/saxophone) sound rebellious and throaty as they break off each sentence with a raspy undertone to give the band their point of difference.

Good as a stand alone, ‘Radio’ is a great song however it doesn’t necessarily break down any boundaries of the genre and hasn’t developed a sound that could easily be identified as The Talks.

I guess the song could use a little more push for ideas however, through its many layers of instrument melodies and the conventional pop music structure of the song, it is very apparent that this band are clicked in to composition and are great at their instruments and therefore capable of this. The potential is definitely there.

Nonetheless, I can picture this being a crowd pleaser at shows and I can picture that a live show from these guys would be nothing short of positive energy.  The future looks good.


Hometown: Yorkshire, UK.
Upcoming album:  Commoners, Piers, Drunks and Thieves out late 2014.
Sounds like: Less Than Jake, The Cat Empire (their commercial stuff), The Specials.
Say what?:  The Talks are a 4-piece that sometimes extends to a 9-piece with a trombone player named ‘Skank’.

Paws and pineapples, Cat.

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